Canoe Polo National Technical Official Course (Referee)

The SCF Canoe Polo Technical Official Course (Referee) consists of two (2) parts – theory and practical.

Theory sessions are covered over three 3 hrs classroom lessons, typically held in the evening. Participants will be taught International Canoe Federation (ICF) competition rules and will engage in lively discussions of the applicable of those rules.

On completion of the theory lessons, participants are required to complete a written examination. The participant must achieve a pass mark of 75% or higher before they can proceed to the practical part of the assessment.

The written examination consists of 50 questions based on the participants’ knowledge of the current ICF Canoe Polo Rules and their practical experience.

Practical assessments will be at various SCF sanctioned Canoe Polo competitions:

  1. National Canoe Polo Championships
  2. Singapore Polytechnic Canoe Polo Opens Championships
  3. Nanyang Technological University Canoe Polo Opens Championships

Practical assessment will be based on a minimum of two different games of varying standards and will take into consideration the difficulty of game being assessed. The assessment will involve observation of the referee in action as either the Controlling Referee or Second Referee under the aspect of referee performance including presentation, signals, use of advantage, use of cards, knowledge and application of the rules, interaction with other officials and coaches and players, as well as their overall professionalism and behavior as a referee.

Participants will be assessed by SCF Canoe Polo Referee Assessors.


  • SCF Referee Accreditation and Positioning
  • Field Setup and Goals
  • Game Regulations
  • Shot Clock
  • Team Identification and Equipment
  • Game Start, Finish and Tie Breaking
  • Illegal Possession
  • Sanctions and Taking Throws
  • Substitution and Illegal Substitution
  • Illegal Hand-Tackles and Holding
  • Illegal Use of Paddle
  • Illegal Obstruction
  • Illegal Kayak Tackle
  • Equipment  and  Scrutineering


Minimum 12 months playing experience

Course Fee

$70 (For new applicants)

$10 (Refresher)

Class Size

Limited to 20 participants

How to sign up

Please email if you are interested to join us as an NTO.

Courses will be conducted once there are sufficient interested participants.