Canoe Polo Skills Proficiency & Bridging Programme

October 6, 2016 in Canoeing News, Featured, News by Canoe Polo Singapore

Canoe Polo Coaching Level 1 Bridging Course for existing Kayaking Level 1 Coach

Description: Canoe Polo Level 1 Coaching Programme to equip Coaches the skills and

knowledge required to conduct Canoe Polo Skills Proficiency Level 1

programme and also to facilitate Canoe Polo training and games for


Course Date: 17th and 18th December 2016

Time: 9am – 6pm

Venue: Paddle Lodge @ Pandan Reservoir

Prerequisite: Kayaking Coaching Level 1

Minimum Pax to Start: 8

Fee: $250

Fee include: Course Fee, Rental of Equipment, Course Notes, Theory Examination, 2

Training Sessions and 2 Attachments, Practical Assessment.

(Theory Examination, Training Sessions, Attachments and Practical

Assessment will be on separate days.)


  1. Pass Canoe Polo Coaching Level 1 theory exam and skills practical assessment.
  2. Work as a trainee CPCA 1 coach under the guidance of a CPCA 2 or 3 and coach and log a minimum coaching experience of at least 2 CP 1 training courses.
  3. Hold a recognized current First Aid certification and NCAP Level 1 theory.

Assessment should be completed within 1 year upon the completion of the CPCA 1 training course


  1. Show proficiency and competency in coaching personal skills taught in the CP 1 courses
  2. Complete a satisfactory coaching assessment of a full CP 1 course including theory and practical teaching

Attainment of Award

To gain the full award, a candidate must:

  1. Attend the CPCA 1 training course (or Bridging Course)
  2. Fulfil all pre-assessment personal targets
  3. Complete a satisfactory assessment

Programme Syllabus:


  • Introduction to Canoe Polo
  • Basic Equipment Knowledge
  • Rules and Regulations of Canoe Polo
  • Grid of Learning Progression for Canoe Polo
  • Facilitating a Canoe Polo match
  • Risk Assessment Management for Canoe Polo
  • Common injuries and Prevention
  • Canoe Polo Game Play

Practical Skills:

  • Different Recovery Roll Technique
  • Ball Skills
  • Advance Kayak Manoeuvring Skills
  • Different Kayak Rescue Technique
  • Canoe Polo Games and Training Drills
  • Facilitating training and match

Please email or contact Roy Li Xing Fu at 9800 0039 for more enquiries.