Canoe Sprint National Technical Official Course

About the CSP NTO Course
The SCF Canoe Sprint National Technical Official Course (CSP NTO) consists of two parts – theory and practical.

Theory sessions are covered over two 2.5hrs classroom lessons, typically held in the evenings. Participants will be taught ICF competition rules and will engage in lively discussions of the application of those rules.

On completion of the theory lessons, participants are required to fulfill a minimum of 2 half days (or 1 full day) practical sessions at canoe sprint championships organised by the SCF to be eligible for certification. Participants will be attached to and assessed by experienced NTOs at the championships.

On completion of the course/workshop, participants are recognized as a Canoe Sprint National Technical Official.


  • Overview of a Canoe Sprint Race Programme
  • International Canoe Federation (ICF) Racing Rules

o   Duties and Responsibilities of Officials

o   Overview of ICF Examination

  • Theory of Officiating

o   Boat Controlling

o   Starting

o   Aligning

o   Course Umpiring

o   Finishing Line

o   Competition Committee

o   Ceremonies

  • Theory Assessment
  • Practical Attachment

Course Fee
$20 to be paid upon registration.

Class Size
Limited to 20 participants

How to sign up

Please email if you are interested to join us as an NTO.

Courses will be conducted once there are sufficient interested participants.