Photo Credit: Bryan Loy

Photo Credit: Bryan Loy


I started canoeing during my junior college days. As I enjoyed swimming when I was young, I was keen to try out a different water sport. Thankfully, my college offered canoeing as a CCA and I remember being fascinated by a C paddler as I had only expected to see a kayak. I was thus inspired to one day be able to paddle like him as I found it so cool to be able to balance and paddle straight in a canoe.

I fell in love with canoeing as I enjoy being in the water. The drive to be the fastest and one day represent Singapore has motivated me to constantly push and challenge myself both physically and mentally. To me canoeing is not just a sport, it has become a part of me and I find myself fortunate to be able to be a part of the national team and train at a professional level.


2016 ASEAN University Games (C2 1000m) 3rd
2016 ASEAN University Games (C2 500m) 4th
2016 ASEAN University Games (C2 200m) 3rd
2016 Singapore Canoe Marathon (Senior Men C1) 3rd