What parents and kids are saying about KIAK:


“I feel a lot of joy when I’m kayaking, because I felt that I have achieved something.” – Jyonaz Nash, aged 9


“It is a very wonderful experience kayaking and learning how to balance. – Zuhayr, aged 10


“The KIAK programme is truly an enriching and interesting experience – perfect for those who are new to kayaking! The enthusiastic and patient coaches are more than willing to share their extensive knowledge on the sport. Individual attention is paid to each participant, no matter the participants’ ability, allowing everyone to learn & improve at their own steady pace. Many useful tips are dished out throughout the programme, making it an immersive experience whereby everyone can have fun while learning a new sport. Indeed a wonderful way to learn kayaking!” – Nicholas Yong, aged 12


“It is fun, competitive and I can play with my friends on the water.” – Dylan Lewis, aged 9


“Kayaking is a fun and enjoyable sport. Kayaking is also good for us to rely mostly on ourselves in ‘special events’ (capsizing)!” – Yeo Min, aged 9.


“Canoeing is very enjoyable. The coaches train us well and we have lots of fun. I love the new friends I have made and can’t wait for every Sunday to come around!” – Nicholas Chung, aged 11 


“My wife and I want our girls to be rugged, team players and adventurous in trying new experiences. KIAK ticks all the boxes. It was amazing how the coaches turned them from habitual capsizers to sleek paddlers in a matter of weeks!” – Christopher Koh, father of Rebecca, Isabelle and Nicole, aged 12, 10 and 8


 “KIAK gives me a chance to learn how to kayak well. The coaches are fun and they make the lesson very enjoyable. I really look forward to each lesson!” – Liaw Ann Zhen, aged 12