Coaching Level 1

Level :
  Level 1 Coaching Award
   Course Duration :
  24 Hours

Aim: This award course aims to provide training and assessment to individuals who have the passion to facilitate, organise, deliver training and perform assessment for students pursuing the personal One Star Award.


 Simple Coastal Water

Type of Craft:

Single seat closed cockpit kayak


Pre-Entry Requirement:


  1. Two Star Award
  2. Swimmining 50 m without PFD
  3. At least 18 years and above
  4. Endorsed by at least a Level 2 Coach as “competent to proceed to Level 1 Coach Training Course


Trainer / Assessor:

Level 3 Coach


Course Content

  • Training to deliver all necessary skills for One Star Award
  • Training in basic foundation of coaching processes
  • Training in risk management and leadership skills
  • Training in kayak games suitable for introductory course
  • Training in various rescue techniques


  • Training safety regulations
  • General safety
  • Coach’s ethics

Pre-assessment Personal Targets

  • Work as a trainee Level 1 Coach (under guidance) and log a minimum coaching experience ( attachment) of at least 2 classes of  full One Star Training Course
  • Hold a recognised current first aid certification
  • Assessment should be completed within 1 year upon completion of the Level 1 Coach Training Course
  • Proficient Personal Skills


  • Complete a satisfactory coaching assessment of a full One Star Award Course including theory and practical teaching.


To gain the full award, the candidate must:

  • Attend a Level 1 Coaching Training Course
  • Fulfill all pre-assessment personal targets
  • Complete a satisfactory assessment