Coaching Level 2

Level :
  Level 2 Coaching Award
   Course Duration :
  24 Hours

Aim: This award course is for those who wish to facilitate, organise and deliver training and assessment for Two Star Award.


Simple Coastal Water

Type of Craft:

Single seat closed cockpit kayak


Pre-Entry Requirements :

  1. Attained Three Star Award and Level 1 Coaching Award
  2. Log a minimum of 12 hours of coaching experience within the last 2 years


Trainer / Assessor:

 Level 3 Coach and above


Course Content

  • Training to deliver all necessary skills for Two Star Award
  • Further training in coaching processes
  • Training in basic journey planning
  • Training in group management and leadership skills
  • Further training in rescue techniques

Pre-assessment Personal Targets

  • Work as a trainee Level 2 Coach under the guidance of a Level 2 Coach or above and log a minimum coaching experience of at least Two Star Award Course
  • Assist in planning, organising and leading journey of at least 6 km
  • Hold a recognised current First Aid certification
  • Assessment should be completed within 2 year upon completion of the Level 2 Coach Training Course


  • Complete a satisfactory coaching assessment of a full Two Star Award Course (including theory and practical)
  • Assessment of Three Star Award skills


To gain the full award, the candidate must:

  • Attend a Level 2 Coaching Training Course
  • Fulfill other course requirements
  • Complete a satisfactory assessment