Coaching Level 5

Level :
  Level 5 Coaching Award
   Course Duration :
Three Whole Day

 Aim: This award is for those who wish to facilitate, organise and deliver training and assessment for Five Star Award :

  1. River, or
  2. Sea and Open Water

And to train and assess coaches at all levels up to and including Level 4 Coach. It is assumed that candidates presenting themselves for this level of award will have wide knowledge of many aspect of paddle sport. They should be highly skilled in more than one discipline/craft or paddling environment, and will be recognised as an “ambassador” for the sport, capable of running high quality courses at all levels.



  • Those wishing to be endorsed as “River” coaches should be trained and assessed on whitewater up to Grade IV.
  • Those wishing to be endorsed as “Sea and Open Water” coaches should be trained and assessed on open sea where it is significant tidal turbulence or breaking waves of not less than 1 metre in height.

Type of Craft:



Pre-Entry Requirements :

  1. Attained Level 4 Coaching Award for at least three years
  2. Hold a Four Star Award in both “River” and “Sea and Open Water
  3. Hold a recognised current First Aid certification
  4. Produce evidence of having organised or assisted in the following minimum number of coaching courses:Produce evidence of significant involvement as a competitor in an ICF discipline
    • 5 Four Star Award courses
    • 4 Level 3 Coach Training Courses


Trainer / Assessor:

 Interim Phase: Honorary Senior Coach, Long Term: Panel of three Level 5 Coaches.


Course Content

  • Training to deliver all necessary skills and theory for Five Star Award, either for “River” or “Sea and Open Water”
  • Further training in coaching processes
  • Further training in Coach Trainer-Training and Assessment skills
  • Training group management and leadership forEstablishment of an individually negotiated Level 5 Coach Development Plan in conjunction with the designated coach mentor.
    • either (a) Journeys on graded rivers up to Grade IV
    • or (b) Journeys on the sea which tidal turbulence or breaking waves of not less than 1 m in height.

Personalised Coaching Development Plan

  • This should provide clear targets and include:
    • Work as a trainee Level 5 Coach under the guidance of the designated mentor on a stipulated number of Five Star Award Courses and Level 5 Coaching Courses
    • Log a specified number of Level 5 journeys, which should be planned, organised and led by the candidate
    • Produce a written paper/executed essay on a paddle sport coaching subject of the candidates’ own choosing, which exhibits an in-depth knowledge of the subject area
    • Pass a written examination in coaching processes. When all targets have been attained to the satisfaction of the designated mentor, such mentor will recommend that the full award be granted to the candidate


  • To gain the full award, the candidate must:

    • Attend a Level 5 Coaching Training Course
    • Fulfill other course requirements
    • Meet the individually negotiated requirements of a Personal Level 5 Coach Development Plan as agreed with the designated coaching mentor.