Coaching Level 2

 Level Two Canoe-Sprint Coaching Course (Technical)
 Estimated Course Length:
 30 Hours
 Objectives :
Level 2 is designed to equip intermediate coach with the advanced technical aspects and racing technique of kayaking. Acquisition at this level, the coach will be able to prepare athletes at club, school and recreational programme level, incorporating the physical, technical and mental demand of the sport.

  • Holder of Level One Canoe-Sprint Coaching Course (Technical) or equivalent
  • Holder of Level One Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme(Theory) or equivalent
  • One year coaching experience or 4 phases x 5 sessions attachment guidance

To obtain the Level Two Canoe-Sprint Coaching (Technical) Certification, participants are required to:

  • Holder of a recognised and current standard first-aid certification
  • Holder of Level Two Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme(Theory) or equivalent
  • Complete 4 phases X 5 sessions of attachment under the guidance of the assigned national coach. The 4 phases are (i) Preparatory—land (ii) Preparatory—water (iii) Competition (iv) Recovery
Course Content:
 The Equipment and Terminology

  • Review the equipment and terminology in Level One technical course
  • Measuring aids and tools

Advanced Technique in Racing C Canoe and Kayak

  • Review the basic techniques in the canoe-sprint discipline
  • Determinant of abilities of c canoeing and kayaking
  • Factors of good technique and style
  • Refining technique of the team boat
  • Technique correction

Physiology in Racing C Canoe and Kayak

  • Respiratory system
  • Cardio-vascular system
  • Muscle groups used in c canoeing and kayaking
  • Endurance development

Training Methodology

  • Training methods
  • Training intensity measurement
  • Planning a training programme

Specific Fitness Training

  • Physical Training
  • Strength Training

Aspect of Race Management

  • ICF Racing Rules and Regulations

Mental Training

  • Motivational strategies


  • Theory and Practical