2 Star Award

Aim: To develop the range of basic strokes and maneuvers for novices.


Two Star Award

Course Duration:

18 Hours


Simple Coastal Water

Type of Craft:

Single Seat Closed Cockpit with Spray Deck


One Star

Trainer / Assessor:

Level 2 Coach


  • Personal Equipment
  • Simple knowledge of tides and currents
  • Weather hazards
  • Environment hazards


  • Lifting and carrying kayaks
  • Launching and coming ashore
  • Demonstrate efficient forward and reverse paddling
  • Demonstrate forward and reverse sweep strokes
  • Demonstrate the ability to spin the kayak on the spot using alternate forward and reverse sweeps
  • Demonstrate J draw and classic draw with directional control
  • Demonstrate stern rudder
  • Demonstrate basic use of edge control
  • Demonstrate basic low support and recovery
  • Demonstrate basic high support and recovery
  • Demonstrate low brace turns with understanding of edge control
  • Capsize and wet exit with retention of kayak and paddle
  • Demonstrate a X rescue as a rescuer and patient
  • Demonstrate a kayak to swimmer rescue (bow carry)
  • Demonstrate an Eskimo bow rescue as a patient
  • Demonstrate the beginnings of sculling draw strokes
  • Demonstrate the beginnings of bow rudder (blade placed between bow and cockpit)

Journey Experience

  • At least one journey of 6 km

Venue: Kallang Water Sports Centre
Course fee: Student (MOE student) – $80; NSF – $90; Public – $100

For more information, please contact Mr Goh Eng Soon at 96901619 or gohes@scf.org.sg.