3 Star Award

Aim: To introduce more advanced manoeuvres and full range of dynamic skills to intermediate paddlers. This award confirms candidate as a competent canoeist with a comprehensive repertoire of basic strokes and a general awareness of the sport and the opportunities it offers.


Three Star Award

Course Duration:

24 Hours


Simple Coastal Water

Type of Craft:

Closed cockpit, single-seat kayak with  spray deck


  1. Two Star Award
  2. Swimming 50m with PFD
  3. Log book showing required previous experience

Trainer / Assessor:

Level 3 Coach and above


  • Basic knowledge of boat design characteristics
  • Basic knowledge of paddle design characteristics
  • Basic knowledge of choice of equipment for different situations
  • Basic knowledge of basic first aid
  • Basic understanding of hypothermia and hyperthermia
  • Basic understanding of dehydration


  • Demonstrate efficient forward and reverse paddling
  • Demonstrate efficient use of sweep strokes both stationary and on the move
  • Demonstrate edging to assist turning
  • Demonstrate efficient support and recovery strokes, including on the move
  • Demonstrate sculling for support
  • Demonstrate efficient bow rudder (dynamic body position with blade between leg and hips)
  • Demonstrate draw on the move
  • Demonstrate hanging draw
  • Demonstrate an efficient X rescue without assistance
  • Demonstrate an efficient Eskimo bow rescue as a patient and rescuer
  • Demonstrate an efficient paddle rescue as a patient and rescuer
  • Demonstrate a swimmer to kayak rescue
  • Demonstrate 3 reliable consecutive rolls on flat water
  • Demonstrate the use of long tow
  • Plan and execute a journey

Journey Experience

  • Five journeys of 8 km each at two different sections of coastline