Management Committee


Mr. Yip Kwan Guan (President)

Yip presides over the SCF’s Council and Executive Committee (ExCo). As an avid kayaker who picked up canoeing in 1969 while in secondary school, he was instrumental in organising the Round Island Canoeing Expedition for young cadets in the National Cadet Corps (Sea). Yip is  determined to achieve ever-greater synergy within the Council and ExCo to transform the SCF into a focal point of excellence championing  canoeing in the community and abroad. As an educator with the Ministry of Education, he is a fervent supporter of outdoor activities, water  sports and canoeing.


Dr. Zason Chian Lit Khoon (Vice-President)

Zason, who lectures Physical Education and Sports Science at the National Institute of Education, oversees the development of athletes and coaches for the Canoe Sprint discipline. Paddle sport has always been a part of his life throughout his evolution from athlete to teacher to sports official. Looking forward, Zason is very positive about the vibrancy generated over the past decade for the Canoe Sprint discipline as Singapore’s paddlers ride the wake towards greater challenges and achievements.

Mr. Vincent Wong (Vice-President)

Vincent advocates experiential outdoor learning and strongly believes that it will build good character and values in today’s youths. Vincent has spent the last seventeen years training youths and working adults as the Head of Training & Development at Outward Bound (Singapore), before joining Republic Polytechnic as a lecturer. Equipped with a Bachelor Degree in Sports and Outdoor Recreation from Monash University and as a certified kayaking coach, Vincent has championed and designed robust training programmes and blueprints for instructors and recreational paddlers alike. He also has a passion for cycling, skating, kayaking and swimming. 


Mr. Gideon Lu (Vice-President)

 As a Level 5 Kayak Coach (Sea and Open water), Gideon is keen to raise the standards of coaching and groom more coaches. He enjoys the tranquillity of long sea kayak expeditions as well as paddling technically challenging rapids in the river. Gideon is an adventurer at heart and works in the outdoor education industry professionally and passionately.

Mr. Sean Chan (Vice-President)

Sean formed the first national canoe polo squad in 2002 and served as national coach at international championships. Singapore won her first canoe polo medal (Silver) at the Asian Canoe Polo Championship held in Malaysia in 2005 under Sean’s charge. Sean developed and launched the Canoe Polo Development & Coaching Accreditation Framework in 2009 – helping canoe polo players and coaches to be officially accredited by SCF. Sean is an International Canoe Federation certified canoe polo referee and has refereed at various World and Asian canoe polo championships. He has also served as SCF Vice President for canoe polo, from 2013 to 2015. Sean was elected Chairman of Canoe Polo Committee of Asian Canoe Confederation for 2017 to 2019.

 Assistant Honorary Secetary - Herny Sim

Mr. Henry Sim (Honorary Secretary)

With his nearly four decades of institutional knowledge and experience as an athlete and later Council member, Henry now sits as SCF’s secretariat. Henry also spearheads the SCF’s international relations effort using his network of contacts in both the International Canoe Federation and the Asian Canoe Confederation, a body that he was previously elected Treasurer of. Henry is married with five grown-up children and works in operations in a power plant.

 Treasurer - Qiu Yunru

Ms. Qiu Yunru (Assistant Honorary Secretary)

A former national kayaker, Yunru picked up paddling in 2000 during her junior college days. She represented Singapore at the 2003 SEA Games and is fuelled by her passion to grow the sport from strength to strength. An accountant by training, Yunru currently works in a global mining company.


Ms. Yeung Xintian (Honorary Treasurer)

As Honorary Treasurer, Xintian oversees SCF’s finance strategy. She started kayaking when the Kallang Basin was still salty and the Police Coast Guard vessels were creating waves for novice paddlers. Having participated in the 2011 Canoe Marathon World Championships held at the Marina Channel, she fully appreciates the remarkable progress of the sport on a national level. A civil servant by day (and sometimes by night), Xintian hopes to bring the values of prudent and purposeful financing to her role as Honorary Treasurer.


 Elected Affliate - Richard Lee 2  

Mr. Richard Lee (Assistant Honorary Treasurer)

Richard supports and assists SCF’s Treasurer to develop and enhance canoeing with sound financial management.  As a Grassroots Leader and Sports Convener for Tampines North Community Club, he overseas water sports activities in the community.  A novice paddler with the determination and interests of evolving and promoting canoeing for the community. Richard currently runs his own engineering company.