Sub Committees

Canoe Sports (High Participation)

The Canoe Sports (High Participation) committee is responsible for the governance of courses, facilitating the development of recreational-related programs and the overall development of the sport. In doing so, the committee shall be responsible in fostering good working relations among stakeholders in the sport.

Mr. Vincent Wong Chairman
Mr. Abdul Shukor Haji Ramli Vice Chairman
Mr. Loke Jun Jie Secretary
Mr. Yap Yong Kim Assistant Secretary (X–Current)
Mr. Steven Loo Member (Outward Bound School)
Mr. Low Sung Sheng Member (PA Water Venture)
Mr. Kim Yong Kang Member (Outward Bound School)
Mr. Michael Lim Member (SOLE)
Mr. Mike Lim Member (Innotrek)
Mr. Calvin Palyama Member (Sports Hub, Water Sports Centre)
Mr. Roger Tan Member
Dr Zason Chian SCF, Vice President
Mr Gideon Lu SCF, Vice President
Mr. Henry Sim SCF, Secretary
Mr. Lim Jun Ping SCF, Honorary Member
Mr. Goh Eng Soon SCF, Senior Operation and Program Executive

Canoe Polo 

Mr Sean Chan Sik Lung Chairman
Mr Roy Li Hengfu Coaching and Certication Sub-Committee
Mr Kong Wei Shuo, Evan Chief Referee
Ms Chad Ong Pei Fern Member
Mr Raymond Liow Chin Win Competition & Participation Sub-Committee
Ms Marissa Yeo Le Ping Marketing & Sponsorship Sub-Committee
Mr. Poh Taicong Member
Mr. Lim Han Rong Member
Mr. Andrew Lee Tze Wee Member
Mr. Ong Han Loong Member
Mr. Shawn Ng Member

Canoe Sprint 

Dr Zason Chian Chairman
Mr Henry Sim Vice Chairman
Ms Lyuina Lee Secretary
Ms Qiu Yunru Member
Mr Balazs Babella Member
Mr Wang Chao Member
Mr Bill Lee Member
Mr Denes Szaszak Member
Ms Annabelle Ng Member
Ms Deborah Saw Member
Mr Patrick Fong Member

Canoe Slalom

Ms Jessica Gwee Chairman
Mr. Calvin Christian Vice Chairman
Mr. Guan Zhihua Secretary
Mr. Azmi Azeman Member
Mr. Mike Lim Member
Mr. Luey Bing Lun Member
Mr. Yong Eng Giat Programmes Sub Comm
Mr. Shukor Abdul Programmes Sub Comm
Mr. Christopher Teo Event Sub Committee
Mr. Jonathan Teo Event Sub Committee
Mr. Ong Jun Yi Event Sub Committee
Ms. Nab Nabihah Binte Salim Event Sub Committee
Ms. Michelle Tang Event Sub Committee
Mrs. Riley Teo Event Sub Committee