Vessel Permit Application

Vessel Permit Application

Vessel Application Procedure

Application of New/Renewal of Vessel ID for Canoe/Kayak for use in Waterways/Reservoir: Schools, Organization or Individual

Step 1:
  • Applicant informs Singapore Canoe Federation (SCF) of any purchases or transfer of ownership. SCF must be informed before any purchase or transfer of ownership is done.
  • For transfer of ownership, the new owner is required to apply a new vessel ID.
  • Vessel Permit has been frozen till further notice, for a new boat to be registered, or for a boat to be transferred from one reservoir to another, another boat must be condemned. There must be a one for one exchange.
Step 2:
  • Applicant submits list of boats which require a vessel ID number to PUB.
  • PUB will issue the vessel ID numbers to the applicant and copy SCF
Step 3:
  • Applicant collects the vessel ID tags from SCF and pastes them on the required boats.
  • Fill in Excel file with list of all boats and the vessel ID numbers.
Step 4:
  • Applicant arranges for and completes the inspection of boats.
  • Prepares photo image of all boats with the vessel ID number clearly visible and saves them in the Excel file.
  • Applicant fills in and submits vessel permit application form, risk assessment form and emergency response plan to SCF.
  • All organisations must submit public liability insurance.
Step 5:
  • PUB checks and approves the vessel permit application if everything is in order, and sends the approval to the applicant directly.
  • Applicant to acknowledge the approval.
Step 6:
  • When expiration date of permit approaches, PUB/SCF may inform the applicant to renew the permit.
  • Applicant should be aware of when the permit expires and start the renewal process at least one month before the permit expires. Refer back to Step 4.

Take note that having a vessel ID tag does not mean that the applicant has a valid permit
New Boat - Starts from Step 1.
Renewal - Starts from Step 4.

Click here for a detailed step by step process.

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