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SINGAPORE, 23 August 2018 – Paddlers from the National Canoe Sprint Team will don the national colours and represent the republic at the 18th Asian Games in Palembang, Indonesia.

The paddlers will be aiming to outdo their previous results at the upcoming sporting event. With the exclusion of canoeing at 2017 SEA Games held in Kuala Lumpur, the paddlers are hungrier than ever to prove their mettle and retain the title as a South-east Asian powerhouse. At the same time, it has provided the team with adequate time and preparation to focus solely on the 18thAsian Games.

The National Canoe Sprint Team has seen incremental improvements at the biennial Asian Canoe Sprint Championships and will see the upcoming games as a benchmark for the team’s current effort as part of the federation’s master plan for coloured medals at regional sporting events. Singapore will see canoeing powerhouses like China, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Thailand, and Uzbekistan at the start line as well. The races will take place at JSC Lake Jakabaring, Jakabaring Sports City, from 29 August to 1 September 2018.

The nine sprint athletes representing Team Singapore are:

  • Chen Jiemei, Sarah (WK2 500M & WK4 500M)
  • Chen Jiexian, Stephenie (WK1 200M & WK4 500M)
  • Lee Wei Ling, Geraldine (WK2 500M & WK4 500M)
  • Soh Sze Ying (WK4 500M)
  • Saw Jia Ning, Deborah (WK1 500M)
  • Lim Yuan Yin (WC 200M)
  • Mervyn Toh Yingjie (MK1 200M)
  • Brandon Ooi Wei Cheng (MK2 1000M)
  • Teo Guang Yi Lucas (MK2 1000M)

Canoe Polo to Debut at 18thAsian Games  

Canoe Polo, often described as a combination of water polo and kayaking, is one of two sports that will make its grand debut at the games in Indonesia. A high-octane contact team sport will see two teams of five players pit against each other to score in their opponent’s goal which is suspended two metres above water.

An attempt to campaign for the inclusion of Canoe Polo in the 2015 and 2017 SEA Games failed to take place and it is hoped that future lineups will include it, considering the debut of Canoe Polo as a Demonstration Sport at the 18thAsian Games.

The National Canoe Polo Men’s (4thPlace, 2017 Asian Canoe Polo Championships; 23rdPlace, 2018 ICF Canoe Polo World Championships) and Women’s Teams (3rdPlace, 2017 Asian Canoe Polo Championships; 9thPlace, 2018 ICF Canoe Polo World Championships) will be participating in the Demonstration Event which will be held at Jakabaring Aquatic Stadium from 27 August to 29 August 2018. It will feature nine men’s and eight women’s Asian teams from countries like Chinese Taipei, Iran Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, and Malaysia in this tournament.

The twelve canoe polo athletes representing Singapore are:

Men’s National Canoe Polo Team

  • Yang Yuan Feng
  • Poh Yu Xuan
  • Poh Tai Cong
  • Ong Han Loong
  • Ng Chen Hsiang Shawn
  • Loi Heng Foo

Women’s National Canoe Polo Team

  • Tan Li Ling
  • Kasxier Low Weining
  • Ong Pei Fern, Chad
  • Ong Shu Wen
  • Leow Fang Hui
  • Chua Siew Lan, Gracie


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