Coach Wang Chao is an experienced paddler and coach in the Canoe Discipline. He has won several titles at the national level in China including a C4-200m gold medal in 2007, a C2-200m gold medal in 2006 and a C4-200m gold medal in the 2005

Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experiences from his racing years, Coach Wang has decided to contribute back to the sport as a canoe coach. his careers as a canoe coach has yielded numerous commendable achievements. In 2014, Coach Wang joined the Singapore National Team as the Canoe Coach and is helping to groom our canoeists to compete regionally and internationally.


Coaching Milestones:


2013 South East Asian Games – 2 Golds, 3 Slivers


2015 South East Asian Games – 1 Sliver

2015 Asian Canoe Sprint Championships – 1 Bronze