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General Manager


Job Purpose


The General Manager (GM) manages and leads the daily operations of the Singapore Canoe Federation (SCF) and drives continuous development and growth of the Federation. TheGM works in tandem with the Executive Committee (EC) to provide a clear vision of SCF’s strategic direction and is responsible for carrying out the EC’s directives.  The GM will be held accountable for all areas of the Federation including budget, programmes, services and activities, and will ensure the synergy of all canoe disciplines.


The GM reports to the EC/ President of the Federation. The GM has all department heads reporting to him/her. S/he will assume or delegate the duties and responsibilities of the department heads if they are absent or disabled. The GM will complete all responsibilities and duties as prescribed in the constitution of the Federation and perform other duties as directed by the EC. Provide a direct link between SCF, SportSG and NYSI. Ensure that all operations and procedures conform to prevailing regulations, policies and guidelines issued by SportSG from time to time.


Key Responsibilities


The role will cover all key areas of the organisation –

1. Operational Management and Administration
2. Human Resource Management
3. Financial Management
4. Policies, Compliance and Governance
5. Strategic Planning
6. Others


1. Operational Management and Administration

- Oversee and endorse high performance admin matters
- Directly lead day-to-day management of all operations, including at the Kallang Water Sports Centre, the Paddle Lodge @ MacRitchie Reservoir, Pandan Reservoir and Bedok Reservoir.
- Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of operational procedures and principles used throughout the SCF and take responsibility in developing, maintaining and documenting consistent procedures.
- Streamline the SCF's operations to achieve organisational efficiencies.
- Oversee the event management for all SCF events, such as annual national championships. This will include the pre-event preparations and post-event closing activities.


2. Human Resource Management

- In coordination with Department Heads, set standards for recruitment, hiring, training, supervision, and timely evaluation of the entire SCF's staff.
- Oversee and administer compensation and benefits to staff, which must be administered consistently and fall within the guidelines as mandated by the budget.
- Set standards for all employees and actively promote a positive work environment where teamwork is emphasized.
- Manage staff by providing training, direction, supervision, evaluation and corrective action when required.
- Develop and implement performance review systems.
- Perform regular administration and management activities of the Federation.


3. Financial Management

- Responsible for financial guidance and reporting of all operations in accordance with acceptable accounting procedures including the formulation of the SCF's annual operating and capital budgets to be coordinated with the Treasurer.
- Ensuring audits are properly carried out in a timely manner.
- Direct and assist in billing and collection of all monies and charges.
- Hold direct responsibility for managing cost by effective approval of expenditures and purchase orders, overtime and effective budget monitoring and monthly variance reporting.
- Analyse financial statements, manage cash flow and establish controls to safeguard funds.
- Direct the preparation and implementation of all annual financial reports including budgets, management plan and annual report.


4. Policies, Compliance and Governance

- Implement general policies; direct their administration and execution.
- Plan, develop and approve specific operational policies, programs, procedures and methods in concert with general policies and in compliance with applicable laws and principles of good corporate governance.
- Develop, maintain and administer a sound organisational plan; initiate improvements as necessary.
- Attend SCF Council and EC meetings to keep the Council and EC informed of Secretariat plans.
- Prepare the Annual Report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting


5. Strategic Planning

- Coordinate and execute the Federation’s multi-year plan and annual action plans to meet the Federation’s goal and objective.
- Establish, develop and maintain strategic relationship with all key stakeholders.
- Oversee the Federation’s marketing and branding plans tailor to the local market landscape on a yearly basis.(e.g. website, social media, etc)
- Increase current avenue and seeking new business opportunities to general income through courses, programmes and possible grants.
- Responsible for leading sponsorships, donations and OTSF


6. Others

- Carry out additional duties as assigned by the EC.


Educational background and professional knowledge Requirements


Preferably a Bachelor’s degree, excellent verbal and written skill
Excellent planning, organisational and budgetary skills and the ability to prioritise
appropriately to meet deadlines


Working Experience Requirements


5 years' related experience, preferably in a management position in the outdoor recreation industry or equivalent combination of education and experience


Professional Skill and Other Requirements


- A team player who strives in a challenging and fast moving environment
- Able to effectively prioritize and manage multiple tasks whilst achieving deadlines
- Self-starter, proactive and motivated
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- IT capable and comfortable with PowerPoint / Excel / Word
- Willing and able to work on some weekends and extended working hours
- Willing to assist the team and the SCF as needed and when required
- Possessing class of powered pleasure craft driving licence (PPCDL) and First Aid Course is an added advantage


Please state your expected salary in your resume. 



High Performance Manager


Job Purpose


The High Performance Manager (HPM) is responsible for the management and operation of the High Performance (HP). He/she oversees and maintains the development and implementation of a comprehensive athlete development system, which includes: national team HP programmes (all relevant disciplines) and their developmental pathways, national coaching staff liaison, anti-doping programme, officiating development, athlete assistance and support, HP and technical liaison for major games and competitions.


The HPM reports directly to the Vice President (High Performance) of the Singapore Canoe Federation (SCF). He/she monitors and provides support to the coaches. For all decisions pertaining to planning and execution of HP programmes and pathways, the HPM would need to seek approval from the HP and Joint Management committee.


Key Responsibilities


The role will cover six key areas of the organisation –

1. HP Planning and Management
2. Budgeting
3. Programme Management
4. Sport Medicine/ Sport Science Support
5. Athlete Management
6. Policies and Committees


1. HP Planning and Management


- Develop, monitor and evaluate the high performance programmes and pathways through annual work plans and performance indicators established within the Multi-Year Sport Plan (MYSP).
-Serve as key performance liaison between Singapore Canoe Federation (SCF), Sport Singapore Institute (SSI), National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) and Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC).
- Develop and integrate long-term performance analysis tools and reporting mechanisms for programme evaluation and monitoring, to assist in the communication of HP programme objectives to coaches and athletes.
- Quarterly reporting on all HP programme initiatives, including a detailed analysis of final results vs. performance objectives and recommendations for future improvements.
- Quarterly reporting to the JMC
- Work closely with national coaches for implementing the high performance programmes and day-to-day training plans.
- Work closely with SCF affiliates to build a harmonious environment for coaches and athletes developmental pathways.
- Develop and maintain procedures/processes relating to HP.


2. Budgeting


- Devise and be accountable for the annual HP programme budgets.
- Oversee and track budget for all training (local/overseas) and competitions of National Team.
- To prepare expenditure statements against the approved budget for all training (local/overseas) and competitions.
- To work closely with Finance/HR on the preparation and submission of the various financial schemes and grants for National Teams – SPEX Grant, SG Annual Grant, etc.


3. Programme Management


- Ensure effective and efficient delivery of the structures and system of the HP programmes and pathways with the approved budget.
- Ensure that the reporting and performance monitoring systems are in place and meeting the requirement of SSI & NYSI
- Work closely with the national coaches in supervising the preparation of annual HP national team training and competition programmes.
- Work closely with the national coaches in the areas of development and communication of the HP team programmes, including athlete and team selection.
- Support the implementation and evaluation of long-term training and competition plans for the HP national teams and develop monitoring tools for annual and MYSP against objectives reviews.
- Ensure that the national training centres, national team athletes, and the SCF are informed of all HP national team programme matters in a timely manner.
- Assist coaches with the preparation and coordination for all major games and international competitions such as site recce of competition venue, filming of races and generating data record etc.


4. Sport Medicine/ Sport Science Support


- Work closely with SSI & NYSI sport medicine/ sport science division on the various aspects of training such as biomechanics, nutrition physiology, psychology, strength and conditioning, etc.
- Manage all aspects of the anti-doping programme including communication regarding registered testing pools, whereabouts information, etc.


5. Athlete Management


- Oversee and maintain procedures relating to the human resource policies and financial matters pertaining to athletes such as leave applications, insurance, expense claims, results and bio data.
- Oversee recruitment and renewal contracts for all HP national team athletes and coaches.
- Ensure, through the communication and monitoring of the athlete agreements, that all HP national team athletes are:
a. Training under adequate conditions and are monitored by coaches on a daily basis,
b. Adhering to the weekly, monthly and annual competitive training programmes.
c. Complying with the terms of their agreement.


6. Committees & Policies


- Coordinate and attend all SCF and international high performance related meetings.
- Vet the agendas and drafting of meeting minutes for these meetings.
- Submit periodic reports and meeting minutes to the SCF HP committee regarding on-going HP and national team programme matters.
- Coordinate with the disciplinary committees and handle all matters relating to coaches and athletes code of conduct and discipline.
- Review, revise and develop appropriate policy documents as required.


Educational background and professional knowledge Requirements


Relevant tertiary qualification – Degree in Sport Science, Management or similar


Working Experience Requirements


Prior experience in Sport Performance Management will be an advantage


Professional Skill and Other Requirements


Possess leadership ability to lead a team
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Organisational and time management skills


Please state your expected salary in your resume. 



Part Time Operation Assistant (The Paddle Lodge @ MacRitchie Reservoir)


Job Purpose


The Operation Assistant (OA) is responsible in supporting the Operation Executive (OE) in operational-related matters at the Paddle Lodge at MacRitchie Reservoir.

The OA reports directly to the OE of the Singapore Canoe Federation (SCF). For all decisions pertaining to Operation, the OA would need to seek approval from the OE.


Key Duties/ Responsibilities


- Oversee the operation of the Paddle Lodge at MacRitchie Reservoir, ensure the opening/ closing of facilities.
- Provide a pleasant, safe and fun experience for all affiliates and public.
- Promote the sport of Canoeing through kayak rental to the public by attending to enquiries by public on Canoeing, and facilitating rental of kayaks.
- Ensure safe practice of the sport of Canoeing at the MacRitchie Reservoir.
- Ensure safe and proper use of storage facilities for boats and equipment.
- Update relevant issues to the OE pertaining to the operation of MacRitchie Reservoir (including land and water operation), to ensure smooth operation of canoeing activities.
- Ensure the protection, security and property of SCF are managed to the best of the Federation's interest.

Professional Skill and Other Requirements
- Proactive and enjoy interacting with customers.
- Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
- Positive Attitude
- Willing to work flexible hours, including weekends and public holidays
- Possess class of Pleasure craft driving licence (PPCDL) and First Aid (CPR + AED) certification is an added advantage


Hourly rate of $10-$15/hr