February 4, 2016 in Featured, News by Singapore Canoe Federation



The Singapore Canoe Marathon (SCM) is one of the most widely-participated events among the local canoeing fraternity.

In our 14th edition this year, the 2016 SCM saw more than 700 competitors paddling over distances from 4KM to 28KM in a test of endurance and skill. Approximately 200 volunteers and crews were also activated on event day to help facilitate and bring forth about a pleasant experience for our canoeists.

The Singapore Canoe Federation’s conscientious efforts in promoting Canoeing as a sport for all has not only helped to boost the participation rate this year, but also widened our participants’ age range (7-60 years old), with our youngest participant completing a 4KM route under the Kids category.

Apart from competitive races, this year’s event also featured the following segments:

•Paracanoe – The Paracanoe category was featured in the SCM for the second year, with 40 participants padding in either a 4KM or 7KM route. These paddlers are from the Singapore Canoe Federation’s Paracanoe Development Programme, which is a weekly canoeing therapy programme offered free of charge to all physically disabled individuals assessed suitable. The Paracanoe Development Programme started since June 2014 and is appealing to sponsors and volunteers who would like to contribute to the programme.

•Kids – The Kids category made its debut in the SCM this year, with 42 participants from the Kid-in-a-Kayak (KIAK) programme. KIAK was conceptualised as a means of allowing children of primary school age to experience the fun of kayaking and develop an interest in paddle sports under the guidance of dedicated coaches who are both passionate about the sport and enjoy working with children. Using equipment and paddles specially constructed for young bodies, children enrolled in this programme will pick up kayaking skills in a fun environment, and also make new friends through the sport.

The Singapore Canoe Federation would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all sponsors, volunteers, officials and participants for your unwavering support and contribution in making this event a success!

We look forward to bringing you a much more exciting SCM in 2017!