Canoe Sprint Coaching Course

Course Information

SG-Coach Level 1

  • To equip beginning coaches with basic theoretical and technical knowledge in canoe sprint so that they are able to coach safely and effectively
  • To standardise the canoe sprint technique
  • To prepare a new generation of coaches who are eager to learn, improve their craft continuously and share best practices with each other
Course Duration:
  • 18.5 hours Theory (Zoom Sessions)
  • 19 hours Pre-reading/E-learning
  • 6 hours practical (3 hours Kayak, 3 hours Canoe)
  • 10 hours Coaching Attachment + Competency Assessment
  • 2 x 1 hour examination
Course Dates:

Proficiency Test: 3rd October 2021 (Backup Date: 10th October 2021)

FSS & SG-Coach Theory via SportSG-ED: 14th October to 31st October 2021

Sport Specific Online Theory/Onsite Theory/Onsite Practical/Attachments: 1st November to 17th November 2021 (Refer to Course Schedule for details)

Coaching Competency Assessment: 20th November 2021

SG-Coach FSS & Theory Exams: 11th December 2021
Course Fees:
  • Ordinary/ Associate Affiliate: $420
  • Non-Affiliate: $520
    • Must be at least 21 years of age
    • Must be medically fit* (*To complete Medical Indemnity Form. Participant is required to provide a doctor’s certification if answer “Yes” to any conditions.)
    • Must have a 1-star or an equivalent certification
    • Must have competed in at least 3-4 recognised canoe sprint or marathon competitions or time trials (local/overseas)
    • Proof of swimming ability: At least SwimSafer Silver or able to swim 200m unaided (video evidence).
    • Attend and pass compulsory proficiency test of technical ability in sprint canoe/kayak:
    • Able to paddle 2km (with a turn) under 11 min (MK1)/12 min (WK1)/12min 30s (MC1)/ 13min 30s (WC1)
    • Able to exhibit a general proficiency in the following technical skills:
  • Keep the craft stationary and adjust position/ manoeuvre appropriately when required
  • Execute a Start from stationary position
  • Paddle straight and within allocated lane
  • Execute a 180 deg turn within 3-4 lanes
  • Exhibit a general technical proficiency and is able to demonstrate the use of Rotation and Hip/Leg Drive in a Sprint Kayak / Canoe stroke
  • A skills assessment test post-2k time trial may be carried out to ascertain the proficiency of the participants if necessary
  • Valid First Aid with AED certification
  • Participant who does not have a valid First Aid with AED certification prior to the course will need to submit the certification before CoachSG issues the coaching course certificate
To be certified as a SG-Coach Canoe Sprint Level 1 Integrated Coach, participants are required to:

To be certified as a SG-Coach Canoe Sprint Level Full Integration Level 1 Coach*,

  • Attendance must be 100% of the course. All participants are expected to be punctual before each session and actively participate in all sessions.
  • Complete and submit on time all reflections, quizzes, assignments, micro-coaching assessments and online e-learning resources provided throughout the course.
  • Score at least 80% (35 out of 50 questions) to pass both the SG-Coach Foundational Sports Science (FSS) and Theory Examination done on SportSG-ED (online portal) in an invigilated classroom setting
  • Participants have a maximum of 2 x 2 consecutive attempts per FSS and Theory Assessment, after which an additional administration fee will be imposed for further attempts
  • Complete the 10hrs coaching attachment sessions planned with respective assigned coaches or programmes
  • Pass the Competency Assessment based on the continuous assessment throughout the course and a coaching session that the participant will plan, conduct and reflect on in selected craft (K1 or C1).

*Any participant who is deemed “Not Yet Competent” for the Competency Assessment will be required to complete another 10 hours of attachment with an appointed coach before attempting another Competency Assessment.

Upon successful completion of the modules 0-12, the participants will:

  • Require a valid First-Aid and CPR Certification before they will receive the SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration Canoe Sprint Coaching Certificate
  • Require to be on the NROC and MOE-IRS registered before they can coach in MOE schools
  • Be involved in a community of beginner Canoe Sprint coaches where there will be shared coaching resources, courses, discussions and communities of practice (CoP) managed by coach developer
Course Schedule/Modules: Please click here.

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Closing Date: 4th October 2021

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Coaching Level 2

Objective: TBC
Course Duration: TBC
Requirements: TBC
To obtain the Level Two Canoe Sprint Coaching (Technical) Certification, participants are required to: TBC


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For more information, please email us at info@scf.org.sg.