Canoe Sprint Coaching Course

Course Information

SG-Coach Level 1

  • To equip beginning coaches with basic theoretical and technical knowledge in canoe sprint so that they are able to coach safely and effectively
  • To standardise the canoe sprint technique
  • To prepare a new generation of coaches who are eager to learn, improve their craft continuously and share best practices with each other
Course Duration:

• 19h E-learning + Pre-reading

• 24h Face to face Theory + Practical

• 10h Coaching Attachment

• 5h Competency Assessment

• MCQ Assessments: 2x 1h Examination (FSS and Theory)

Course Dates:

2 March to 11 April 2024

*Registration closes 25 February 2024

Course Fees:
  • Affiliate: $520
  • Non-Affiliate: $620 

√ Must be at least 18 years of age

√ Must be medically fit* (*To complete Medical Indemnity Form. Participant is required to provide a doctor’s certification if the answer is “Yes” to any conditions.)

√ Must have a 1-star or an equivalent certification

√ Must have competed in at least 3 recognised canoe sprint or marathon competitions or time trials (local/overseas)

√ Proof of swimming ability: At least SwimSafer Silver or able to swim 200m unaided (video evidence).

√ Attend and pass compulsory proficiency test of technical ability in sprint canoe/kayak or produce evidence of ability to hit timing at a recognised 2km competition within the last 6 months:

   o Able to paddle 2km (with a turn) under 11 min (MK1) / 12 min (WK1) / 12 min (MC1) / 13 min (WC1)

   o Able to exhibit a general proficiency in the following technical skills:

        > Keep the craft stationary and adjust position/manoeuvre
appropriately when required
        > Execute a Start from stationary position
        > Paddle straight and within allocated lane
        > Execute a 180 degree turn within 3-4 lanes
        > Exhibit a general technical proficiency and is able to demonstrate the
use of Rotation and Hip/Leg Drive in a Sprint Kayak/Canoe stroke
        > A skills assessment test post-2k time trial may be carried out to
ascertain the proficiency of the participants if necessary

√ Valid Accredited Standard First Aid with AED Certification before start of course

Course Requirements:

To be certified as a SG-Coach Canoe Sprint Full Integration Level 1 Coach*,

√ Attendance must be 100% of the course. All participants are expected to be punctual before each session (at least 5 minutes before stated class time) and actively participate in all sessions.

√ Complete and submit on time all reflections, quizzes, assignments, micro-coaching assessments and online e-learning resources provided throughout the course.

√ Score at least 80% (40 out of 50 questions) to pass both the SG-Coach Foundational Sports Science (FSS) and Theory Examination done on SportSG-ED (online portal) in an invigilated classroom setting.

√ Participants have a maximum of 2 x 2 consecutive attempts per FSS and Theory Assessment, after which an additional administration fee will be imposed for further attempts.

√ Complete the 10hrs coaching attachment sessions required with respective assigned coaches or programmes.

√ Pass the Competency Assessment based on the continuous assessment throughout the course and a coaching session that the participant will plan, conduct and reflect on in selected craft (K1 or C1).

*Any participant who is deemed “Not Yet Competent” for the Competency Assessment will be required to complete another 10 hours of attachment with an appointed coach within 6 months of last assessment before attempting another Competency Assessment. Do note that there will be a reassessment fee of $50.

Upon successful completion of the modules 0-12, and the required assignments and examinations, the participants will:

√ Be issued with an email of course completion to register on the National Registry Of Coaches (NROC) via Sportsync

√ Ensure they have been accepted by NROC before they will be issued the SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration Canoe Sprint Coaching Certificate

√ Require to be on the NROC and MOE-IRS registered before they can coach in MOE schools

√ Be involved in various communities of Canoe Sprint coaches where there will be shared coaching resources, courses, discussions and communities of practice (CoP)

The SG-Coach Full Integration L1 Canoe Sprint Coaching Course is an integration of SG-Coach L1 Theory (includes Values and Principles in Sport -VPS and Safe Sport Certification), SG-Coach Foundational Sports Science and SG-Coach L1 Canoe Sprint Technical curriculum, upon which, only 1 Full Integration certificate will be provided. As it is a full integration curriculum, all Face-to-face sessions, attachments and assessments are compulsory. However, please refer to Annex A (under Course Schedule & Modules) for information on exemptions for prior learning.

Course Schedule/Modules:

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*Registration closes 25 February 2024

Registration Procedure: Please click here.
Additional Required Submissions:

Coaching Level 2

Objective: TBC
Course Duration: TBC
Requirements: TBC
To obtain the Level Two Canoe Sprint Coaching (Technical) Certification, participants are required to: TBC


For Canoe Sprint Coaching Certification Accreditation Policy, please click here.


For Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application Form, please click here.


For more information, please email us at info@scf.org.sg.