Canoe Sprint Coaching Course

Course Information

SG-Coach Level 1

  • To equip beginning coaches with basic theoretical and technical knowledge in canoe sprint so that they are able to coach safely and effectively
  • To standardise the canoe sprint technique
  • To prepare a new generation of coaches who are eager to learn, improve their craft continuously and share best practices with each other
Course Duration:
  • 27.5 hours Theory
  • 11 hours Pre-reading
  • 6 hours practical (3 hours Kayak, 3 hours Canoe)
  • 10.5 hours ACA Attachment & competency assessment
  • 2 x 1 hour examination
Course Dates:

Online Theory: 14 to 23 December 2020

On-Site Practical: 26 to 27 December 2020

Course Fees:
  • Ordinary/ Associate Affiliate: $400
  • Non-Affiliate: $500
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be certified to be medically fit
  • Must have a 1-star or an equivalent certification
  • Must have competed in at least 2 recognised canoe sprint or marathon competitions (local/overseas)
    - If unable to satisfy this criteria, participant will need to pass a skills test to ensure technical ability in sprint canoe/kayak:
    -Able to paddle 1km under 5:30min (MK1)/6min (WK1)/6:15min (MC1)/ 6:45min (WC1)
  • Must be able to satisfy the following pre-course assessment requirements:
    Swimming test: Must be able to swim 200m confidently without assistance in any stroke
    - Evidence of valid swimming certification can be accepted
    - Pre-course assessment can be conducted at a cost.
  • Pre-course assessment will be arranged. The cost for each assessment test is $10 per participant
To be certified as a SG-Coach Canoe Sprint Level 1 Integrated Coach, participants are required to:
    • Attendance must be 90% of the course
    • Complete and submit all reflections, quizzes, workbook assignments, micro-coaching assessments provided throughout the course
    • Score at least 80% to pass both the SG-Coach Foundational Sports Science as well as Theory Examination (35 out of 50 questions)
    • Complete at least 7 x 1.5h of coaching attachment sessions with ActiveSG Canoe Academy (ACA), of which 1 will include the Competency Assessment
    • Pass the Competency Assessment based on the continuous assessment throughout the course and a coaching session that the participant will plan, conduct and reflect on in selected craft

Any participant who fail to meet the competency requirements of the course, will be required to:

    • Complete another 10 hours of attachment with an appointed coach before attempting another competency assessment

Upon successful completion of the modules 0-12, the participants will:

  • Require a valid First-Aid and CPR Certification, be MOE-registered, create a Ge-biz account, before they can coach a school
  • Be involved in a community of beginning Canoe Sprint coaches where there will be shared coaching resources, courses, discussions and communities of practice (CoP) managed by coach developer
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Registration Procedure:

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Registration closes on 10/12/2020.

Registration Forms and Other Documents:

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Coaching Level 2

Objective: TBC
Course Duration: TBC
Requirements: TBC
To obtain the Level Two Canoe Sprint Coaching (Technical) Certification, participants are required to: TBC


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For more information, please email us at info@scf.org.sg.