Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo

What is Canoe Polo?

Canoe Polo is an exciting and high energy hybrid sport that marries kayaking with water polo. This fast-paced sport is played by 2 teams of 5 players over 2 halves of 10 minutes with the aim to score into the goal frame which is suspended 2m above the water surface. The team that scores the most number of goals at the end of the game wins.


A combination of water polo, basketball and canoeing.


Fast, explosive and aggressive matches.


Excitement, intensity and power all in one.


Canoe Polo in Singapore

In Singapore, with the support of Sport Singapore and SCF, the popularity of the discipline is growing in terms of the number of teams. In the past, there were about 6 active teams playing in the tournament but now, there are more than 40 teams participating in the tournament held annually around August – September.




Canoe Polo Certification (CP1) Conversion Exercise 2022

SCF Canoe Polo Committee is conducting a special one-off CP1 conversion exercise for canoe polo players who had participated at least once in the National Canoe Polo Championships (NCPC) held in Singapore prior to 2020. For more information, please click here.



Canoe Polo

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