About the SCF

About the SCF

About Us

The Singapore Canoe Federation (SCF) was founded in 1971 and is the National Sports Association responsible for the management, coordination, development and promotion of canoeing in Singapore. It represents the interest of its athletes and members to Sport Singapore (Previously known as the Singapore Sports Council), the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC), the public and other International Canoeing bodies.

The SCF is an affiliate of both the Asian Canoe Confederation and the International Canoe Federation. As a non-profit organisation, the SCF relies mainly on its volunteers and its small group of staff. It is mainly funded through Sport Singapore.

Organisation Details
UEN: S71SS0035C
Charity Registration Date: 12/01/2011
Organisation Type: Society
Date of Establishment: 1971
ROS/RCB Regn No: ROS 126/1971/SPO
IPC Status
IPC No: IPC 000508
Effective Date: 07/03/2021 - 31/03/2024
A Member of the Donation and Contribution Fund for Sports


Contact Information
Registered Address: NSA Office, Singapore Sports Hub, 3 Stadium Drive #01-33, Singapore 397630
Mailing Address: NSA Office, Singapore Sports Hub, 3 Stadium Drive #01-33, Singapore 397630
Telephone No: +65 6344 6337
Email Address: info@scf.org.sg
Website Address: http://www.scf.org.sg



To promote opportunity for public participation in a full range of canoeing activities in Singapore with high standards of safety. Among other things, the SCF aspires to:

• Nurture and prepare its elite and potential elite athletes to medal at the SEA Games, Asian Games and other regional/international competitions.

• Uphold high standards of sportsmanship.

• Champion the development and enjoyment by the public of all canoeing disciplines in Singapore.

• Develop and promote Singapore as a venue of choice for regional/international canoeing championships/events.


The SCF is affiliated to the International Canoe Federation (ICF), the Asian Canoe Confederation (ACC), SNOC and the People’s Association (PA).

Vision and Mission


  • To establish Singapore as the top paddling nation in Asia by placing firm focus on developing high performance athlete pathways.
  • To promote paddling as a vibrant lifestyle and bringing more awareness & education into marine protection and promoting inclusive communities.


Towards Excellence in Canoeing and Making it Safe and Fun


  • Transparent
  • Respect
  • Inclusive
  • Professional



In its efforts to achieve organisational excellence, the SCF was registered as an IPC/Charity in 2011. The SCF is committed to make canoeing accessible to all Singaporeans, be it recreational kayakers or a potential Olympian.

To spur local interest and participation, the SCF has embarked on numerous initiatives. In 2002, to support the rising demand for learn-to-canoe courses, funding attained went towards both the hardware – facilities include a permanent office, classroom and storage area – and the software – developing and hiring coaches and administrative personnel. In March 2004, the SCF pioneered Singapore’s first dedicated public paddling centre at MacRitchie Reservoir. Subsequently in August 2010, a second public paddling centre commenced operation at Pandan Reservoir. These public paddling centres and the programmes they run are a joint effort between the SCF and Singapore’s national water agency, the Public Utilities Board (PUB), which are aimed at both creating a sustainable environment for canoeing and increasing accessibility to water sports all over Singapore.

Apart from the recreational scene, the SCF’s dedication to the promotion of canoeing can be seen in the international progress made by the National Canoe/Kayak Sprint Team. Canoe sprint is an Olympic discipline and the national team participates in multiple international events. With our national athletes having tasted the success of a 10 medal haul comprising 2 golds, 5 silvers and 3 bronzes at the 2011 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and more recently the 6 medal haul of 2 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes from the 2013 SEA Games, the team has come a long way from the 2 bronzes in the 2007 edition while in 2005 there were no podium finishes. Stepping up at the Asian level, the National Canoe/Kayak Sprint Team represented Singapore at the 2010 Asian Games for the first time in a decade where they fared well, coming in a respectable 9th in the women’s K1 200m, 6th in the women’s K1 500m, 7th in the women’s K2 500m and 5th in the women’s K4 500m.

On the Asian scene, with Singapore’s increased participation in international racing, key members of the SCF were also recognised by being elected into the international and regional federations as Council Members in 2009. Mr Chua Kee Huat, was elected as a Board Member for both the International Canoe Federation and the Asian Canoe Confederation (ACC), while Mr Henry Sim was elected as Treasurer for the ACC.

The SCF is also a proven organiser of high-profile international races. Most recently in 2011, the SCF planned, coordinated and successfully organised the World Canoe Marathon which brought many elite marathon paddlers to Marina Reservoir. The SCF also assisted in the organising of the 2010 Canoe/Kayak Sprint and Slalom events held during the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. Through such events, the SCF aims to inspire young athletes to strive for excellence in this sport. Through continued leadership renewal and increasing collaboration with the paddling community in Singapore, the SCF is ever forward-looking and will strive to build on its past successes to attain greater achievements for many years to come.