Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling


Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing sea sport in the whole world that just requires a paddle and a board.

Though in its infancy stage in Singapore, SCF-SUP and affiliates are now promoting the sport to EVERYONE interested.



SCF/ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) partnership allows quality training and education programmes for students of all levels of SUP. Currently, there are two ASI accredited Schools in Singapore: PAssion WaVe and Constant Wind. Constant Wind is also the Instructor Training Centre (ITC) for ASI.


These two schools focus on getting more people into the sport and in doing so will create a pool of potential paddlers that will ultimately represent Singapore in SUP races.


Both Schools currently provide the following ASI courses for SUP:

1. Introduction to SUP (2 hours)

2. ASI SUP Wise Level 1 (10 hours)

3. ASI SUP Wise Level 2 (10 hours)




For more enquiries, you may contact PAssion WaVe or Constant Wind ASI Accredited Schools.


Stand Up Paddling

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