Canoe Polo Court Rental @ Bedok Reservoir

Canoe Polo Court Rental @ Bedok Reservoir

Rental of Canoe Polo Court

Rental hours: 0930 to 1630 hrs (1630 hrs last slot)


From 2021 onwards

Equipment Cost                                     Remarks                                  

Court Rental                                                                         

Peak (Weekends): $100 per hour for members, $150 per hour for non-members

Non-Peak (Weekdays): $70 per hour for members, $100 per hour for non-members

Does not include equipment rental                                                                                         
PFD + Paddle Rental

Members: $10 for 1x PFD and 1x paddle

Non-members: $15 for 1x PFD and 1x paddle

Cost will cover the entire session
Spray Deck Rental

Members: $5 per spray deck

Non-members: $8 per spray deck

Cost will cover the entire session
Ball Rental

Members: $5 per ball

Non-members: $8 per ball

Cost will cover the entire session
Helmet Rental

Members: $5 per helmet

Non-members: $8 per helmet

Cost will cover the entire session

Strictly no walk-ins allowed. Only bookings will be accepted for Canoe Polo Court rental.

Please click here for the Safe Management Measures implemented at Bedok Reservoir. 


Court information:

Booking of court

Please follow the steps below for booking:

  1. Click here to book the court.
  2. Payment to be done via Internet Banking or ATM Funds Transfer. Funds transfer are to be made to SCF’s bank account (DBS Current account no. 001-038371-0, Branch code: 7171, Branch no. 001). Proof of payment: Image (Screenshot or photograph of receipt) reflecting transaction date, amount, and SCF bank account number (to be uploaded with the booking form).

 Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants must possess a minimum of 2-Star award/CP1 award to be allowed to rent and use the equipment/court.
  • Participant must abide by the rules and regulations.
  • Participants must make good any loss of equipment or breakage resulting from equipment mishandling.
  • Participants shall leave the CP Court in the same good condition as when you first enter the same for use. You may not change the condition and/or location of equipment without our prior written approval. All equipment shall be returned to their original condition and location at your expense.
  • Booking of CP court by proxy is not allowed.
  • Booking must be made at least 7 working days in advance.
  • The booking window is up to 3 months in advance.
  • Booking will not be completed until you received a confirmation email from us.
  • No extension of booking if you are late.
  • No refund or change in booking date is allowed once payment is made.
  • All bookings shall be on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to availability.
  • Participants not allowed to assign, sublet or re-sell your booking of the CP court (or part thereof) without our prior written consent. Any such infringement will render the booking void, and we reserve the right to cancel the booking without prior notice in which case the booking fee paid shall be forfeited. You may be subjected to onsite checks. Please be ready to present your identification document and booking receipts.
  • SCF reserves the right to approve or refuse an application for the booking of the court.
  • CP court must be used for community, social or recreational purposes only. Commercial activities (including but not limited to private coaching sessions), religious activities and such other activities which, in the SCF views are not conducted for community, social or recreational purposes are strictly prohibited.
  • Where a booking is found to be in violation of these Terms and Conditions, SCF reserves the right to cancel the booking and forfeit the booking fees paid.

The address of reporting location is as follows:

PAssion WaVe @ Bedok Reservoir
911 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 479311

Points to note before arrival

All participants are advised to report at least 15 minutes before their booking timing (to facilitate drawing of equipment). Participants who report late will not have their booking timings extended.

Facilities will be catered for the safekeeping of belongings brought by participants. Due to security reasons, participants are encouraged to avoid bringing valuables where possible. PA shall exercise due diligence in keeping the belongings of participants secure but shall not be held responsible in the event of any loss.

Participants are expected to return all equipment by the time their booking ends (if booking ends at 1400hrs, all equipment is to be returned to its original storage location BY 1400hrs to ensure that subsequent bookings proceed on time).