Kayaking Expedition to Flyer


Upcoming Kayaking Expedition to Flyer Details:


Venue: Kallang Water Sports Centre
Duration: 3 Hours
Age Requirement: Minimum 12 years old
  • Lifting and carrying
  • Launching and coming ashore
  • Disembarking and Embarking
  • Basic forward paddle/Reverse paddle/Stopping/Forward & Reverse Strokes
  • $40 per pax or $400 per class if group size lesser than 10pax
  • $600 per class if group size more than 10pax but less than 15pax

For more information about Kayaking Expedition to Flyer, please email us at info@scf.org.sg.

Upcoming Doubles Day Out - Kayaking Expedition to Flyer Details:

Venue: Kallang Water Sports Centre
Date: TBC
Time: 0900 to 1200hrs
To register, please click here.

Registration closes 3 working days before each programme date, at 1600hrs.