Pesta Sukan Virtual Paddle Challenge

Pesta Sukan Virtual Paddle Challenge

Pesta Sukan Virtual Paddle Challenge

  • 28/06/2021 - 19/09/2021
  • Waterways, Seas, Singapore
  • Discipline Canoe Marathon
  • Type of Event Virtual Paddle Challenge
  • Fees Free

Event Details

Celebrate National Day with some exciting competitive sports action! Singapore Canoe Federation, partnering with ActiveSG, invites all paddlers to join us in the Pesta Sukan Virtual Paddle Challenge!


Registration Period: 28 June to 24 August 2021
Challenge Period: 28 June to 19 September 2021
Venue: Waterways, Seas 
Distance: 2km, 10km, 25km, 56km
Boat type: Any paddling boats

Single sit-on-top kayak, Closed-deck kayak, K1, JK1, C1, SUP, OC1, Surfski, V1, T1, team boat

Age: Minimum 10 years old (Individuals) and 7 years old (Pair/Group of 4)
Fees: Free

Participants who have successfully submitted and completed the challenge will receive a premium and finisher medal.


In support of the Project Blue Wave campaign, virtual challenge participants who rent kayaks from our partners and us will be offered buckets and tongs to collect trash to clean up the waterway.


To find out more and register your interest in the challenge, please refer to the links on the left for Registration, Rules & Regulations, and Instructions & FAQs.


Participants with the best timings clocked for each distance category will be posted on our leaderboard, which will be updated every week.


Let’s celebrate this National Day through paddling!

Categories & Premiums

*For group of 4, registrations and results submitted before 22 July 2021 will still be honoured. 

Leaderboard (Updated 01/09/2021)


Placing Name Distance Event Timing
1st Winston Tse  2km  Individual 00:09:07
2nd  Koh Wen Jin Marcus   2km  Individual 00:09:26
3rd  Low Kah Choon  2km  Individual 00:09:51
1st  Miiki Hoe & Winston Tse  2km  Pair 00:09:36
2nd  Xavier Keutch & James Williamson  2km  Pair 00:11:18
3rd  Song Ziqing Tracy & Song Xinlin Christine  2km  Pair  00:14:02
1st Winston Tse  10km  Individual 00:52:20
2nd Koh Wen Jin Marcus  10km  Individual 00:53:57
3rd Cheong Ray Rin  10km  Individual 00:55:41
1st Miiki Hoe & Winston Tse   10km  Pair 00:49:58
2nd Loo Guan Hin & Cheong Ray Rin  10km  Pair 00:51:24
3rd Guo Huiqi & Wang Chun Yi  10km  Pair 00:58:15
1st Winston Tse  25km  Individual 02:08:57
2nd  Koh Wen Jin Marcus  25km  Individual 02:21:38
3rd Christiane Meissner  25km  Individual 02:42:15
1st Guo Huiqi & Cheong Ray Rin  25km  Pair 02:18:55
2nd  Francis Ng Yong Kiat & Fung Nga Sze  25km  Pair 02:28:58
3rd RebeccaRegina  25km  Pair 03:09:55
1st    25km  Group of 4  
2nd     25km  Group of 4  
3rd    25km  Group of 4  
1st Lim Yong Hin  56km  Individual 02:29:32
2nd  Winston Tse  56km  Individual 04:53:52
3rd Koh Wen Jin Marcus  56km  Individual 05:07:29
1st Ng Ling Yin & William Tan  56km  Pair 08:07:07
2nd  Hui Min Michelle Shoo & Teck Meng Loh  56km  Pair 14:40:00
3rd Yeo Xiu Wen & Ow Meng Chye  56km  Pair 18:19:13