Certification Conversion Exercise

Certification Conversion


SCF is conducting certification conversion exercise for those who are still holding legacy /old (issued before  Year 2001) – Novice, Sea proficiency and Instructor Certificate to current star awards certificate, legacy /old certificates must be converted to Star awards certificates in order for them to sign up kayaking courses or rental of single closed deck kayak. The following are the rate and procedure:


Novice certificate will be converted to 1 Star kayaking award.


Sea Proficiency certificate will be converted to 2 Star kayaking award.


Instructor certificate will be converted to 2 Star kayaking award.


Fee : $20  per certificate for all level.



Registration procedure:


  • Complete the online registration form:




  • Send the screenshot of the Novice / Sea proficiency / Instructor Certificate to gohesscf16@gmail.com for verification.
  • Will receive confirmation of eligibility for conversion via email.
  • Make fund transfer via Internet banking or ATM to SCF’s bank account (DBS Current account no. 001-038371-0, Branch code: 7171, Branch no. 001). Proof of payment: Image (Screenshot or photograph of receipt) reflecting transaction date, amount, and SCF bank account number.


  • Send the screenshot of the receipt to gohesscf16@gmail.com as proof of payment made.
  • Will receive acknowledgement via email for the confirmation of payment received.
  • Star awards certificates will be mailed within one month via registered post to the mailing address provided in the online registration form.
  • If the certificate sent by registered post in step #7 is unclaimed or returned to us for any reason, $10 admin fee will be payable for each subsequent postage.


Please email Mr. Goh gohesscf16@gmail.com or call 96901619 should you need any clarification.