2023 Board Member Elections


Singapore Canoe Federation Elected Board Members

(Term 2023-2025)

The 2023 SCF Annual General Meeting was held at Kolam Ayer Community Club on 16 September 2023.

The election for the new Board members was conducted thereafter and the following members were voted into office:

1. Nicholas Yap
2. Andrew Xiao
3. Evan Kong
4. Sean Chua
5. Goh Wan Yee
6. Noelle Seet
7. Chuck Ng
8. Timothy Chia
9. Shawn Ng


Congratulations to the new Board members!


The new Board met immediately after the election and agreed on the following positions for the Office Bearers:




Nicholas Yap

Vice-President, Community and Infrastructure

Andrew Xiao

Vice-President, Coaching and Technical Development

Evan Kong

Vice-President, High Performance

Sean Chua

Vice-President, Partnerships

Goh Wan Yee

Honorary Secretary

Noelle Seet

Honorary Treasurer

Chuck Ng

Assistant Honorary Secretary

Timothy Chia

Assistant Honorary Treasurer

Shawn Ng


We thank the other two nominees, Mr Low Sung Sheng and Mr Leonard Loh, for stepping forward to serve. 


We also thank Mr Yip and the outgoing Board members for their contributions throughout the years, and look forward to working with the new Board to bring SCF and canoeing to greater heights.